5 Best Organic Tips to Lawn Care


beautiful lawn

beautiful lawn

Organic turf care is one of the most sought after methods, which is a pretty uncomplicated and simple way of maintaining your lawn. Choosing the right type of lawn grass to maintaining the right balance of soil that can aid your lawn to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and look evergreen – you need to plan and execute every step with a great precision. Here are some easy tips to take care of your patch of green to make it look appealing.

 Best Tips:

  1.  Choosing the Right Grass: This is one of the most essential steps in lawn maintenance, as choosing the right grass will bring down the efforts and processes of taking care to a great extent. It is necessary to choose the right kind of grass that is suitable for your weather conditions and soil type. After all, native plants would require little maintenance.
  2. Soil Test: Nutrient requirements and pH levels of lawns must be appropriate for your patch of green to be at its best. Hence, testing these ingredients with the help of professional services would be one of the best ways to handle the job.
  3. Longer Grass: Tall grasses deliver different benefits like a deeper root, healthy plant, and lesser damage. They also shade the soil to a greater extent, which in turn reduces the dryness. Retaining the moisture content would also prevent pests and weeds, which would maintain the lawn easily.
  4. Watering and Aerating: Deep watering promotes a healthy looking lawn. But make sure that you use the right amount of water required for the lawn depending on the absorption and retention property of the soil. Aerating is to pull out shallow soil plugs to add pockets for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil.
  5. Mulching and Mowing: Mulching, combined with tall mowing heights, brings down the need for additional fertilizers. Mowing should be done to the appropriate height, as cutting it too short could result in a dry lawn and weeds.


maintaining lawn

maintaining lawn


Though you can use these tips for DIY lawn care, it is always better to take the help of a professional to save your time and efforts and yet get the best results.



How to choose a Turf Supplier in Sydney from selected groups

As there are plenty of turf Suppliers in Sydney, you are likely to feel confused when it comes to deciding about the right turf supplier for your office or domestic premises. The first and foremost quality you must look for in a good supplier is the licensing to grow the turf. There are various other features you must look into while choosing the lawn turf for your needs, some of which are as follows:

Turf Suppliers

Turf Suppliers

  •  You look for must grow good quality turf grass, which will suit all weather conditions in Australia.
  • They must grow as well as supply varieties to match any requirement of turf including shade tolerant, here wearing, and drought resistant varieties. Some of the varieties commonly include Sapphire Buffalo, Soft Leaf Shademaster, Kings Pride Buffalo, ST85, ST26, etc.
  •   The supplier must be able to guide you in deciding which turf is the right one for you. This is determined by various factors such as weather conditions, the traffic on the lawn, your pets and kids, land quality and drought, your time available for maintaining the turf, and much more.
  • The supplier you pick must be in your locality or region, and must supply turf for commercial as well as residential purposes.
  • Look for the experience of the supplier in the field, and the experts they have on board to install and maintain the turf grass in your premises.
  •  Compare the rates of two or three suppliers along with the services they offer before you make a final decision.
  •  The supplier must be able to deliver the turf anywhere in Australia with just a call made to them.
  • A professional turf supplier would always inspect your site before they supply the turf, as the type of turf you buy must be suitable for your land. In addition, they must have the right measurements and a plan of your site to install the turf flawlessly.
  • Your chosen supplier should always ensure that the land is at the correct level and is adequately fertilized to promote growth.

Last but not the least, make sure the Landscape Supplies you choose would clean the surrounding areas after the installation process is over.


Tips to increase the life of Lawn Turf

Once you have laid down your lawn turf, you would surely look forward to a soft and dense color all-year round. But if you don’t take adequate care of your turf and neglect maintenance tasks, it won’t be long before your surface starts showing signs of negligence. This is especially true when you live in the harsh Australian climate, as you just can’t afford to neglect the green patch and ruin it.

Lawn Turf Tips

Lawn Turf Tips

Here are some tips, which if followed, can help you increase the life of your lawn:

  • Maintenance: Complete additional infill, as and when you feel your turf requires it. Proper irrigation, especially on warm-sunny days when the temperature shoots up, using disinfectants, spraying to decrease static cling and odours, removing organic matter accumulation, and ensuring proper drainage repair and maintenance are some jobs that should be done after regular intervals.
  • Proper care: Starting from mowing and pruning the grass, to using proper fertilizing operations and pest management techniques, you should take all necessary steps to enhance the life of your lawn turf.
  • Repairing the damages: A lot of factors can cause damage to your lawn Turf Grass. Damages caused by an act of vandalism or by fire would mean that you have to repair or replace the affected areas. Sometimes, specific areas of your lawn may get discolored due to wear pattern differences. Physical or climate-induced damages may also decrease the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. In case you spot any of these factors, you should repair the damages to ensure that your Grass turf survives for a long period of time.
  • Replacement: After every 8-10 years, you may need to replace your lawn turf. You can hire a turf expert to assess the condition of your Lawn Turf Grass before deciding on replacing it. However, should it be needed, it’s advisable that you get it done quickly without waiting for the existing surface to deteriorate and become non-functional.


Tips to get the best turf in Sydney

Once you have decided to buy turf Sydney, you need to make sure that you make a wise choice. Since a wide variety of Turf Suppliers Sydney is available in the market, here are a few tips to help you get the best turf:

Types of Grass

Types of Grass

  • Decide the right kind of turf: If you are looking for a low maintenance, robust Lawn turf Sydney, Kikuyu would be a good choice, while Winter Green Couch would be suitable if you want a frost-resistant variety. Sir Walter Premium, Village Green, Empire Turf, Palmetto Turf etc are some other varieties on offer. You should decide the kind of turf that would suit your climate the best, and the effort it will need on your part to maintain it, before making a final decision. If you are not sure, you can always ask your short-listed turf suppliers to offer suggestions.
  • How much turf to order: Since turf Sydney is measured in square meters, you should have a clear idea about the size of turf that you would need before you seek no obligation quotes from a couple of turf suppliers.
  • Shop around: You should always ask 3-4 companies to send you no obligation quotes, so that you can compare and pick the one that offers value for money.
  • Decide the budget: It’s prudent to decide if you are going to order just the turf or would need installation services as well. While some companies can supply and lay the turf, some others may not offer lawn turf installation services. So, it’s always better to have a clear idea about what you need before placing your order. It’s also important to note here that some turf providers may offer you a separate quote for installation services, the cost of which will differ depending on the location and access to the region.

So, do your homework well and keep these tips in mind to make an informed choice while buying turf in Sydney.


Choosing the Right Turf Supplier according to Needs

Whether you are planning to renovate your backyard, or have an upcoming landscaping project to take care of, you can think about buying and laying a turf. As compared to growing a lawn from seeds, laying a turf is much quicker and easier. However, you would need to find the right turf supplier to ensure that you get the most suitable lawn, both in terms of practical functionality as well as visual appeal.  

Questions to ask

Before you start searching for the right Turf Supplier, you need to ascertain the turf variety that’s most suitable for your needs. Here are some questions that can help you decide:

  • Do you expect the lawn to get heavy traffic like turfs that act as sports fields, or are meant for children’s play areas/pets?
  • Will the location of your proposed lawn be shielded from direct sunlight for most of the time?
  • Does your location belong to a region that’s affected by drought?
  • Do you live in a frost-affected region?
  • Have you got drainage and soil problems, if any, rectified?
  • How much time can you invest for maintenance?


Remember that the type of turf you need would be largely decided by the purpose that you want it to serve. For example, ornamental lawns would demand frequent maintenance and more attention, while a hard-wearing turf would be the ideal choice for a family lawn.

Choosing your Turf Supplier

Based on the answers to above mentioned questions, you can select a supplier of  turf who offers you the right kind of turf. However, in case you are not sure about which variety of turf would suit your individual needs, you can always ask the experienced staff of a competent turf supplier to give recommendations on the best turf, or request a no-obligation quote.


Coir brick – The coarse fibre from a Coconut husk

A coir brick, which is basically made out of coconut husk, is one of the most popular ingredients used in the horticulture practices of hanging baskets as well as hydroponic gardens. Since it retains a good amount of water and is dense in structure, ornamental plants like orchids and certain type of crops are grown well in coir bricks. It is quite a well known fact that all sorts of soil are not suitable for every type of plants. Several studies have shown that the quality of the soil as well as the growth of some particular plants can be improved by adding organic materials to the soil. Coir brick is widely used by the horticulturists to achieve the best possible results.


Some Essential Facts

Though initially sphagnum peat was used as a means of improving the water retention and aeration quality of soil, overuse of this peat exploited the soil elements to a great extent. However, during the 1970′s and 1980′s, it was found by the scientists that coir, which is a by-product of coconut processing, can be used to good effect instead of peat. And from then on, coir was processed, packaged, sold and used at different gardens and nurseries.

How it works?

Usually, coir bricks are rectangle shaped dense pieces of woven coir. The compressed coir gets expanded when water is added to it, after which it can be mixed with the garden soil in place of the peat. Soils that are compacted as well as extremely porous or sandy are ideal for using coir. It helps retain moisture when applied to a sandy soil and helps aerate when mixed with compacted soil. It has to be noted that coir does not break down easily, unlike compost and therefore, it should be used only as part of an organic fertilizer adjustment.

So, if you want to grow your plants properly, buy coir bricks today.


Using Landscaping Supplies to Make a Perfect Garden


Creating a beautiful garden and maintaining it the right way gives immense pleasure to the owner. However, this is no child’s play as the job requires certain skills as well as the right usage of Landscape Supplies. Different types of garden require different kinds of landscape supplies. It is essential to have all the tools ready, and understand well what type of tools you will require to get the desired results. Only proper planning would help you get the desired results.

Landscape Supplies

Creating a beautiful lawn or landscape involves a lot of effort. At times, hiring expert landscapers would be the best choice. There are landscapers who grow and groom huge lawns based on your requirement, and install it in your garden.

Some of the most important landscape supplies required for maintaining any type of garden include:

  • Lead blowers
  • Rakes
  • Wheel barrows
  • Picks
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Tarps
  • Gloves
  • Wire
  • Weed Whackers

Though you may have all the right tools, you would also require exclusive skills to maintain your lawn or garden, as it involves different types of activities. Hiring the services of professional Landscape Supplies can help you deal with the matter and professionals will be entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of different aspects of your garden including fertilizer, cropping, watering, removing weeds, etc.


Advantages of Using Professional Landscape Supplies

When you hire professional landscape supplies, the experts on boards will know exactly how to maintain your garden for all weather changes.

• If you require a Green Lawn Turf, they measure your garden space and create custom turfs, which are then installed in your place. They also help you to maintain it in lush, green condition despite the weather influences.
• They utilize less water and the right amount of fertilizer to offer you a perfect garden.
• They have the skill to use the right landscape supplies based on the soil type, and do it all in the most cost-effective manner.
• They also take care of your lawn turfs to prevent it from weeds, which in turn reduces the requirement of chemical sprays.


Hiring companies offering professional landscape supplies and services would not only save you precious time, effort, and money, but also let your enjoy your garden all year round.


Coco Coir: The Utilization of Coconut Husk for Plant Growth

Coco Coir is the husky outer layer of the coconut shell. After coconut harvest, this husk is extracted from the shell to produce three main coir products for horticultural purposes. They are coir fiber, coir chips, and coir pith. Out of all these, the coir dust has the ability to Retain Water, and the coco chips and fibers help with drainage and air space. Currently, there are different types and brands of Coco Coir in the market – some of which are untreated while some others are treated.

Why is Coco Coir so useful for Plant growth?

Coco coir is one of the best alternatives for any other type of growing medium. It outperforms other mediums, as it facilitates root growth and penetration with its soft and porous structure. It is also a Renewable and Low-cost Resource, which has a consistent quality. It has amazing chemical and physical properties that aid plant growth.

stock-photo-coconut-coir-husk-fiber-chips-surface-border-close-up-isolated-on-white-background-138998534 (1)

Some of the Properties include:

  •  Coco coir has high water retention capacity and can hold up to 8 times of water as  its weight and periodically release it.
  • The pH value ranges between 6 and 6.7, which is ideal for plant growth.
  • It provides excellent air porosity and drainage for the roots; hence, it enhances plant     growth.
  • It is rich in potassium, which is a major nutrient for the plants.
  • Dehydration is easy with coir.
  • It has a life span of up to 4 years and is biodegradable.
  • It also contains sufficient amount of potassium and phosphorous.

Benefits of Coco Coir for Plant Growth

The following are the amazing benefits that make Coco Coir the best growing medium:

  •  It is 100% renewable.
  •  It is very light in weight and has a consistent quality.
  •  It is a natural resource.
  •  The most important benefit is that when it is used in pots or bags, the top layer always remains dry, which prevents fungal growth.
  •  It does not crack, shrink, or produce crust.

For practical usage, Coco Coir is soaked in water for a while, and drained before use. This removes excess chloride and sodium present in it.